Learn more about our programs and services:

If you have a school-age child and need assistance, contact our family support staff: Lisa Bedoya at (610) 250-2551 ext. 24240 or bedoyal@eastonsd.org

If you have an 18-36 month old child and would like help with preparing your child for school, call Nancy Arzoumanian at (610) 250-2542 ext. 20018 or email arzoumaniann@eastonsd.org

If your child attends Paxinosa or Cheston Elementary School and you are interested in our afterschool program, call Cynthia Caputi at (610) 250-2551 ext. 24129 or email caputic@eastonsd.org

If you need help getting ready to start kindergarten, call Rebecca Miller at (610) 250-2551 ext. 24241 or email millerr@eastonsd.org

All other inquiries can be made with Associate Director Nancy Arzoumanian at arzoumaniann@eastonsd.org or (610) 250-2542 ext. 20018 in this interim period as we fill our Executive Director vacancy.